August 15, 2017

Out for one of my many lonely Saturday walks, I decide to pop into the local watering hole for “just one beer”. Amidst the buzzing garden, I smelt smoke. Not cigarette smoke, wood smoke. Fire?! I thought, but no one was panicking. Half a pint of fresh Doombar in hand I began to investigate. Then I saw it, spinning like an unrisen UFO in the sky, “pizza dough” my internal monologue asked “pizza in a pub?”. There standing proud was a huge wood fire pizza oven with two chefs (later I found out they’re described a Pizziolas or pizza artists) spinning pizzas up to 8 feet in the air. The spectacle soon lost is whimsy, so i stopped staring in awe and ordered the posh one. To my surprise a delicious pizza arrived, Parma ham and mushroom, in all honesty I was expecting a deep doughy pizza akin to the slop dominoes pumps
Out. But the base of marneys pizza was crisp and the cheese and sauce warming to the taste.

I’ll certainly be meandering down soon, if not for the pizza then to stare at the handsome young pizza artists. Perhaps I can flirt my self a free pizza. Then we’ll see who the posh one is…ha